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AdPacks Added!
Published on 29-01-2021

Greetings dear members,


A new passive income has been added.

Starting today you can Purchase AdPacks where you receive 250 PTC Ads, 500 Featured Ads, 750 Banner Credits, and 7 days of Login Ads.

The price for 1 Ad Pack costs only 100 Ruble(~1.4$)

After 100 days you will receive 150 Ruble.

You can purchase up to 1000 AdPacks depending on your membership plan

By purchasing Ad Packs not only earn passive income but also receive credits to advertise your sites.


You can Purchase the Ad Packs from here :



Admin & Team

Earn Daily Interest
Published on 25-01-2021

Greetings dear members,



Today we have added a new earning way to earn money by staking ruble in our site.

To earn Daily Interest is very easy, you need only to deposit funds into Invest Balance and let the funds there and you will receive daily interest from your funds.

The minimum amount that you need to have in your Invest Balance is 100 Rubles.

For more details on how much you can earn daily and yearly you can find here:

The funds can be withdrawn at any time. But our recommendation is to let a minimum of 30 days of the funds in your Invest Balance.

This is the safest and secure way to earn money without doing anything.




Admin & Team


Redeem your promotional code!
Published on 24-01-2021

Greetings dear members,



Today Promotional code is: 0538-2412-1095-0008


You can redeem your promotional code here:


By redeeming this promotional code you will receive 20% more in your Purchase Balance when you deposit funds through our payment processors.

The Bonus will be automatic distributed to your balance




Admin & Team

How it Works ? (Investment Box)
Published on 23-01-2021

Dear members,


Because some members asked us to provide more details about how the Ruble, Euro, and Bitcoin Investment Box it's working and how can we guarantee the daily interest to our investors, we have decided to open a new section under "Earn Money" - How It Works?


Where we have added more information about how it's working and how we pay the daily interest and how we trade to get profit from your investments.

Below you will find the link where you can find all the information need it.

If you think some questions are missing you are free to write to us opening a ticket.




Coinifyer Admin & Team

We are back online!
Published on 22-01-2021

Greetings dear members,


We are sorry for this inconvenience that we needed to be offline for almost 2 hours.

We didn't run or something like this.

Coinifyer upgraded the server to a higher configuration.


So again we apologize to you for this inconvenience.


In the near future if something like this will happen you can find us on online with the latest news about our situation.


Regards, Admin & Team.