How it Works - Investment Box?

How do I earn Interest?

You automatically earn up to 5.10% daily interest on the bought shares. More shares you buy, the higher is your earnings.

What is the Holding Term?

Every share you buy is having between 15 and 30 days expiration term.

What is the Minimum I can Start?

You can get started with as little as 1 Share.

Can I buy more Shares?

Yes you can purchase up to 1000 shares depending of the share type you choose.

Where can I see the accrued interest from my active shares?

You can see the interest received from active shares under ‘Hourly Earning Rate’.

When I receive my interest from my Share(s)?

You will receive your accumulated interest every hour. It will be deposited into your account balance, and will be available for use immediately.

It's my investment safe?

Yes! Your investment it's 100% safe, because our trading bot it's connected with BlockChain.

How can you pay our Interest?

We Trade with the help of our Sophisticated Trading Bot and Technical Analyst Team in order to pay the interest. The more funds we receive, the more our trading Bot can use to Trade daily to increase our profits.