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Greetings dear earnears, advertisers and investors,

Coinifyer was planed long time ago, designed for safe earnings and long term plan.
After 6 months of written code and configuring to the perfect earning system, finally it is the day has been waiting for very long time! I and our team welcome all of you to Coinifyer! This project will finally change the PTC industry forever.
Stability is one of the first thing we have worked on during those 6 months, we made sure that Coinifyer can withstand the test of time and stay here for a very long time.

Why choose Coinifyer?

Custom Script

Coinifyer is using a custom script to guarantee that your investment remains safe & sound. Our site has been uniquely designed to give you a user-friendly & intelligible interface.

Reliable Platform

We are strong supporters of trading and hope to contribute as much as possible to keep the community alive and growing. Our vision is to make Coinifyer the finest earning and investment site.

Fast Withdraw

We belive in fast payments so that our clients enjoy payouts in Ruble, USD, EURO and Bitcoin without unnecessary waiting time. Our payouts are also 5 days a week instead of only weekends.

Custom Addons

Coinifyer comes in the help of the users with to custom investment addons.

One of them it's called Investment Box that it's managed 100% through Binance that's our official partner where we have a confidential contract where we can operate Coinifyer with Binance API, where our investor members can earn hourly money between 15 and 30 days period without any loses because all money invested are coming back hourly as we have mentioned above and earning different percentage depending of the Ruble, Euro and Bitcoin Price Volatility. With our Investment Box you can earn monthly up to 185,35% back from your investment without any risks.
Remember!! You get paid hourly by our official partner after you made the purchase. The Ruble, EURO and Bitcoin Price statistics are updated every 5 minutes to can help our investors to can get the best optimal income.

The second one it's called Cash Box, where every member can have 1 Lifetime Cash Box for Free where can claim daily his reward.
Our Cash Box packages will never expire and you will earn unlimited time after you purchase one of our Cash Box packages. The much expensive the Cash Box Package it is the more income will bring to you every month.
The Cash Box Package it's the most recommended passive earning method for the members who do not want to View PTC Ads or to make Offerwalls and want a safe earning method without any loses.

Multiple Withdraw Balances.

Our team designed that our members can withdraw in multiple currencies for example in Ruble and in US Dollars.
To can withdraw your earnings in US Dollars, EURO or Bitcoin you must Exchange the Coins into the wanted currency from our Exchange section.
The Exchanges are made instantly with 0 Fees.

Progressive Upgrade Memberships

Coinifyer it's designed to have a progressive upgrade memberships that can help our members to get the best quality eanings without losing their investments.

Live Statistics

Coinifyer has been designed to be fully transparent where our members can track all the transactions made in our platform! Follow every single order you've made with us.

We launch our platform with 3 active Contests

1) Deposit Contest between 15th January and 22th January
2) Offerwall Contest between 15th January and 22th February
3) Referral Contest between 15th January and 22th February


Each new member will receive the following Bonuses after the SignUp:

10 Rubles in Purchase Balance
25 PTC Credits
5000 Banner Credits
100 Featured Ad Credits
1 Coin for each unique visitator through your referral link
2 Coins for each referral registered and activated through your referral link

So what are you waiting for? Start spreading the word to the entire communities that Coinifyer is launched and fully prepared for the new members and start earning money for free by referring your referral link through other sites.

Best regards,
Coinifyer Admin
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Quote: Sheverja

Welcome to Coinifyer.pro!

Enjoy your staying and happy earnings
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Congrats new site
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Congratulations on your new site!
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Nice site, love it
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Congratulations on your new site
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